National Education Policy (NEP) news 2019

  • 04 June 2019

The committee led by Chairman Dr. Kastrurirangan on May 31, 2019 has submitted the draft of National Education Policy to Union Human Resource Minister, Ramesh Pokhriyal and Minister of State for HRD, Sanjay Shamrao Dhotre in New Delhi.

What is the aim of National Education Policy?

  1. To equip students with necessary skills and knowledge
  2. To address the shortage of skilled labor in Science, Technology, Academics and Mathematics
  3. The draft is based on the pillars of Access, Equity, Affordability and Accountability in Education.

The new draft proposes some changes to the education policy. The changes that have been proposed are;

  1. Examination system: To offer a solution to counter the negative impact of the current Class X examination, The New education Policy proposes on demand examinations for Class X in two levels for Mathematics and Science (Part A and Part B). Students who wish to complete their Class X need to appear only for Part B while students who wish to pursue further studies in Mathematics and Science are to take up Part A. Among other recommendations there is the proposal for a single national entrance test for Class XII to take up a variety of courses.
  2. Restructuring of Higher Education into three types of higher educational institutions  Type 1: Focused on World class research and high quality teaching, Type 2: Focused on high quality cross-disciplinary teaching with research contributions. Type 3: Undergraduate education with a focus on high quality of teaching.There will be re-structuring of undergraduate program (BSc, BA, BCom, BVoc etc) of 3 to 4 years duration with multiple entry and exit options.
  3. The National Higher Education Authority is to be the sole authority over higher education including professional education. The University Grants Commission will be transformed into an authority dedicated to disbursing development grants and fellowship in the higher education sector.
  4. Continuation of three language policy has been proposed

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