CBSE’s two-level maths paper to reduce exam stress

  • 13 January 2019

Students appearing for CBSE’s Class X exams, especially those struggling with mathematical problems, now have a reason to cheer. They can choose their own level. Starting 2020, CBSE will offer two levels of examination — Basic and Standard Mathematics — to help reduce stress, the board announced on Friday. “National Curriculum Framework 2005 states that not only would the two levels cater to different kinds of learners and allow different levels of testing, it will also reduce stress levels,” CBSE said.

The move by the Central Board for Secondary Education (CBSE) to divide class10 mathematics paper into standard and basic levels March 2020 onwards has received a thumbs-up from students, teachers and parents. They said it will equip students better while choosing their future subjects and bring down their stress levels during exams.

andita Sinha, mathematics teacher for class 9-10 at GEAR Innovative International School, said, “It’s not a bad idea at all. But if we are saying basic mathematics, a certain level has to be maintained, because even a student who chooses humanities needs to know mathematics. Maybe the level of complexity can be toned down.”

Parents feel students lose out big when they struggle to cope with subjects which they have no aptitude for, affecting their performance in other subjects. M Sharanappa, a parent,said, “Ihaveseen my elder son struggling with mathematics. He was not that greatin thesubject, but somehow managed to pass. Later he chose humanities. If this step had been taken four years ago, it would have helped him.Now, I hope this will help my second son.”

What circular says

According tothecircular released by CBSE on Friday, the two levels of examination will cater to different kinds of learners and allow different levels of testing. The syllabus, classroom teaching and internal assessment for both the levels will remain the same so that students get an opportunity to study the entire range of topics throughout the year and will be able to decide the level of board examination depending on their aptitude and abilities, it added.

“The CBSE circular is well thought out. It has not closed options for students. This will help them work on their abilities better. It has also given an opportunity to students: Those who qualify in mathematics basic shall be given the option to appear in mathematics standard at the time of compartment exams as per norms of the board, in case they change their mind to pursue mathematics at the secondary level,” explained Chandrika S Rao, Mathematics Faculty at Base Educational Services.

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