Reduction in NEET PG cut-off

  • 19 September 2019

In an attempt to reduce the number of vacant seats in medical courses, the Board of Governors ( BoG) secretary general for the Medical Council of India(MCI), RK Vats,  wrote a letter to the  Healthy Ministry recommending that the cut-off percentile should be reduced. The Health Ministry, which is currently regulating medical education under chairmanship of NITI Aayog member V K Paul, approved the cut off on Friday.  

Till the previous year, the cut off was at 50th percentile. The new cut off for Super Specialty in cardiothoracic and vascular surgery, cardiology and pediatric surgery is 20th percentile; whereas it is 40% percentile for other courses.

It is necessary for the candidates to clear the cut-off to become eligible for counseling or admission. The cut-offs were decided based on various factors including the number of seats, number of candidates who applied for exams and the average marks scored by students.

This year 500 seats remained vacant, leading to a waste of potential; 700 seats were empty the previous year. This prompted action from the BoG of the MCI. The cut off was reduced by 6 percentile for each category.

The cut-off percentiles for each category are as follows:


Previous qualifying Cut-Off Percentile

Revised qualifying Cut-Off percentile














The admissions office for colleges has been advised to follow these minimum qualifying percentiles when admitting students.

Tiebreaking Criteria:

In the case of two or more students scoring the same marks, a certain criteria has to be met in deciding which student will be chosen for the seat. The numbers of correct and incorrect questions, as well as the ages of the candidate are used as parameters to make this decision. 

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