Karnataka colleges likely to get 400 more PG medical seats

  • 04 June 2019

Karnataka Medical colleges will be getting an additional 400 PG Medical seats for the year 2020-21, with a revision in the teacher to student ration by the Medical Council of India (MCI)

The MCI has revised the clauses regarding the number of postgraduate students to be admitted to medical colleges, a note issued on Friday said. As per the new revised PG teacher to student ratio, the number of students admitted into PG programs can be increased. The new ratio is 1:3, which is a change from the old ratio of 1:1. This allows government colleges to admit more students provided the college has a hospital with 30 beds in the specialty unit.
Depending on the designation of the teaching faculty and the bed strength of the hospital attached to the medical college, the PG teacher to student ratio is decided. Dr S Sacchidanand, vice-chancellor, Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, said there are over 70,000 undergraduate medical seats in the country and not more than 35,000 postgraduate seats.

“This is a good move and will help doctors study further and specialise in various fields of medicine. With this, the state is likely to get over 400 more seats, and Karnataka may have 3,000 PG medical seats totally,” he said.

However, this will only come into effect once all the medical colleges inform MCI about their staff strength and obtain approval by the MCI for adding additional number of seats.



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