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Unani medicine is ancient Greek medicine that has been evolved within the Muslim world for the past fourteen centuries .Unani has been generated from Arabic of Ionian, meaning Greek.  Unani Medicine is considered as the art of healing.  It is a noble profession of healing the suffering body or soul. The body either fell out of balance, which might yield diseases (depending on circumstances), or were restored to balance to heal diseases. Today's fast life style, lack of exercise, stressful work load, odd eating habits have led to increase in various diseases affecting the population, which can be adequately handled by a Unani practitioner. A Unani doctor is also expected to possess a strong sense of responsibility as the patient’s life depends entirely on him. People in India opt Unani Medicine for building career as one of the most satisfying profession. There are a lot of job opportunities both in India and abroad.


The Bachelor of Unani Medicine & Surgery (BUMS) or Kamil-e- Tibb wa Jarahat is offered by many public and private colleges and institutes in India. One should pass 12th standard with minimum 50% marks in aggregate in physics, chemistry and biology from a recognized Board or University or any registered society approved by Government of India. Those candidates who have Urdu in their Intermediate exam are given preference. A candidate who has passed Pre- Tib examination of one year duration is also eligible for the admission to Kamil-e- Tibb wa Jarahat course (BUMS). BUMS is of 5½ years course including one year of internship. After completing BUMS, one can also pursue MD (Mahir-e-Tibb) and MS courses. The interested candidate may also pursue Ph.D.


As the time changes, some modification comes in the Unani field. Students of Bachelor of Unani Medicine & Surgery are also made familiar with other relevant disciplines such as physiology preventive medicine, pharmacology, pathology and forensic medicine also. And this revolution in Unani Field made the BUMS candidate more knowledgeable and compatible with the demand of the market economy. The demand for Unani professionals is increasing day by day for its cost effectiveness, safety and easy availability of the Unani medicines. These medicines are being used by the community for generations with proven results and acceptance. Here is the job opportunities you can get after BUMS.

  1. Government jobs in Hospitals, Dispensaries (State/Central/Local)
  2. Nursing homes/Clinics/Health departments
  3. Research institutes and medical colleges as research officers (Scientist)/ Researchers)
  4. Unani Medical colleges/ Academic jobs (Teaching in U.G./PG institutions)
  5. Management and administration (Government and Private)
  6. Private practice/self-employment
  7. Research establishments (Central, State, Private Institutions)
  8. Drug manufacturing Units (Government, Private, Autonomous, Cooperative sectors)
  9. Drug control Sector (State and Central Government)
  10. Unani Pharmaceutical Companies
  11. Clinical Trials Laboratories (Pharmaceuticals)
  12. National Health Mission (NHM)
  13. Medical Tourism
  14. Third Party Administrator (TPA) in insurance sector
  15. National AYUSH Mission
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