Optometry is a profession which involves examining the eyes and applicable visual systems for defects or abnormalities as well as the medical diagnosis and management of eye disease. Or we can say it is the science of eye equipment (including lenses and spectacles) which is imbued with the idea of improving the vision of the human eyes and remove all kinds of obstacles of sight which an individual may experience. It offers gratification, flexibility, good income, and freedom in choosing a location to practice - all while doing meaningful work.


  1. Certificate Courses: This course is of 1 year duration.
  2. Diploma Courses: It is two years duration course. You can pursue this course after completing your 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology & English.
  3. Bachelor Degree Courses:        
                Optometry (B.Opto)   
                Bachelor of Science (B.Sc)

The duration of these courses is 4 years (3 years + one year internship). The student has successfully completed 10+2 or equivalent examination with Physics, Chemistry, Biology or Mathematics & Pass in English.

  1. Master Degree Courses:
  2. Master of Optometry (M.Opto)
  3. Master of Science (M.Sc)
  4. M.Sc. (5-year Integrated) Courses

M.Opto & M.Sc are two years duration regular full-time course. Students have to pass Bachelor degree in Optometry or equivalent course from any recognized Indian University.


                    This degree will help you to get the post of Optometric and Ophthalmic Assistants Who are mostly involved in testing of glasses of eyes and dispense contact lenses and eyeglasses. As an Ophthalmic Assistant you will play a vital role along with the ophthalmologist/surgeon in the patients vision care. You may serve as a surgical assistant to the ophthalmologist. You will also perform certain duties to assist the doctor during the patient examination. You will test and measure eye function to assist with the diagnosis and treatment of eye disease.  Following the examination, you will assist the patient with instructions, education, prescriptions, treatment, eye patches, scheduling follow-up examinations, referring, etc. You can run own shop of glasses and lenses or manufacture them. You can get higher opportunities to study further overseas.

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