The term manage has dragged from the Italian maneggiare means “to handle” which also derives from the Latin word manus. But what we use today the word- “Management” has come from the French word mesnagement in the seventeenth century. Now a day, every discipline of any subject refers to a leading management program. The management is one of the job-oriented courses. Every company private or government organization needs a good management which leads them to profitable business. Students are very much attracted to the corporate sectors of the organizations by the growing technology of education and professionalism in management courses. Career on management studies is a white collar job full of with passion, attitude, and professionalism.

Why is MBA the most sought after postgraduate course in India? The answer lies in these three words ‘Endless Job Opportunities.” There has never been a profit making company without a strong management team. Every company needs some to several managers to handle different aspects of operations. Depending on the stream you choose, you open up to a world of opportunities. There is so much scope here for the people who are willing to learn. Direct admission for MBA is simple as there are many institutes handing out degrees but which institution suits your needs and vision? Choosing a right college in paramount in today’s world,

without right guidance students fall prey to undeserving colleges. While seeking career opportunities it is probably the most important decision you are going to make in your life. You are a bright mind and you deserve the best. Before you start searching for direct admission in MBA college online, consider a firm who is well informed with the inside working of a colleges like placements, activities, academics and internship. Our team of experts has more than 20 years of experience and knows how to fill the gap between need and desire. Bangalore is one such place where dreams are turned into reality. MBA direct admission in Bangalore is often a dream for many students, the life the culture, the academics are legendary. Though we provide guidance for direct admission in MBA colleges throughout the country MBA direct admission in Bangalore is our priority. Grab the phone and call the most experienced MBA direct admission consultants and we will make the journey of admission a fruitful experience. 

What is MBA (Masters of Business Administration)?

The Master’s of Business Administration Program is one of the most popular postgraduate programmes in India, attracting student from diverse backgrounds from Commerce, Engineering and Humanities. This 2 year programme can launch a student’s career and open a wide array of job opportunities in the corporate world at the managerial level. A regular 2 year program has four to six semesters and can be offered in various modes i.e. through regular class room teaching, online and distance education.

One can customize their MBA programme based on their professional experience through Executive MBA programs which are best suited for working professionals.

The 2 year MBA programme which is the most opted for consists of theory classes, practical projects, internships and campus placement. Fresh graduates and working professionals can opt for a full time MBA. The Executive MBA program is most suited for working professionals who wish to learn managerial skills to upgrade their skills and stay relevant in the job market. Online MBA, part time MBA are most suited for students who wish to study while working or are currently enrolled in another Master’s program such as MCom, MCA,  MA or even law degrees.

What skills can you gain from an MBA program?

Business Acumen
Strong Communication skills
Problem Solving skills
Management Skills
Strong mathematical Skills
Research Skills
Analytical thinking 
Leadership skills

The MBA program also enables student to specialize in one area of management. The specializations offered are 

MBA in Finance
MBA in Information Technology
MBA in Marketing
MBA in Human Resources

The basic eligibility criteria to enter into an MBA program are;

  • Holding a Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university
  • The minimum score requirement is 50% (average or equivalent score) in graduation. For reserved category students a minimum score requirement of 45% in aggregate is required.
  • Students in the final year of their Bachelor’s degree can also apply for MBA program provided that they can prove completion of the degree within the time period specified by the institution.
  • B-schools require MBA entrance exam scores for admission. The MBA entrance exams offered are;



There are three types of management courses-

Many Indian and international institutions offer the certified courses on various branches of management.

Diploma courses -2 years long diploma program


Under Graduate degree courses with duration of 3 years

  1. BBA
  2. DBA+BBA (specialization)
  3. BBA+MBA
  4. BBM
  5. BCA+E- MBA
  6. BA (management)
  7. B.Com (management)
  8. B.F.T
  9. B.H.H.M
  10. B.H.M
  11. B.Sc. (management)

Minimum qualification required to apply for Under Graduate courses in management field is 12th/intermediate

PG degree program with 2 years Duration

  1. MBA
  2. PGDBA
  3. PGDM
  4. PGP
  5. M.Com
  6. PGDBM
  7. EPGP

For admission to master’s courses in management students should have a bachelor’s degree. And for admission to Ph.D./M.Phil. in management, one should have master’s degree in management.


The future in MBA courses is increasing day by day. An MBA is one of the big job oriented professional program desired by the students. Once you complete your degree, you may have a great job opportunity in the vast area of management. You may the manager or executive in term of designation. You can reach on the top of the height as soon as possible by using your leadership quality. All sectors of government and public have various industries, companies, institutions or related organizations, come in the job prospective fields for an MBA professional. Every company now has a HR department. And this department in each company needs your managerial skills and proficiency.

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