In our daily life we cannot live without science and technology. And for the development of technology we need ideas. Engineers are those people who are full of these ideas in their productive brain. From computers to sustainable energies, robotics to aeronautics, and medical technology to intelligent building design – engineering degrees offer a huge range of specializations in every field of science and technology. Engineering degrees graduates are in high demand across the globe. And for the developing countries like India we need highly qualified specialists to keep their economy growing. The Engineering study is one of the best and most interesting disciplines of academic and professional education. It is growing with the development of nation, education, technology and research. Now a days, everything depends on digitization. So, there are various reputed industries in India and abroad, looking for the engineers.


Diploma in Engineering:

It is a 3-year course which students can pursue after the completion of matriculation. Diploma holders are also eligible for lateral entry in the third semester of undergraduate Engineering degree Courses. Diploma in Engineering is offered in various disciplines.·

Undergraduate B.Tech or B.E Degree: 

Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) or Bachelor of Engineering is the 4-year full-time undergraduate course in engineering. This course can be done in one of the engineering discipline. A person should pass 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry and Math as his main subjects.

M.Tech or M.E Degree:

Postgraduate course in engineering resulting in the award of a Master of Engineering (M.E.) or Master of Technology (M.Tech) degree. It is a 2-years course that one can pursue after completing a undergraduate degree in engineering.

Doctoral Course in Engineering:

Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering (Ph.D) is the advanced research course in engineering that has the duration of 3 years. Course duration may vary from college to college. Students admitted to the Ph.D. program should have a master degree in respective discipline.

Unlike any other courses in the world, Engineering courses are exceptional. What you study is not the only expect of Engineering, the life you live is bound to stay with you for the rest of your life. A famous saying is “Engineers are not taught, Engineering are made.” One can’t teach you to be an extraordinary engineer, the way you tackle your daily tasks academically or otherwise makes you a standout engineer. This is probably the only course where even a failure has an opportunity to earn a high profile lifestyle through patience and practice. You learn to face any problem head on from your work and life. This course doesn’t just make you an Engineer, it makes you a strong human being who can take on responsibility and solves problems as he goes.

The love for science and technology is admired but not necessary to take on this course. We provide guidance in direct admission and help you choose the right stream. direct admission in Bangalore is often confusing as there are more than 50 Engineering colleges here. How will you choose the most suitable college for yourself? Our team of experts has more than 20 years of experience in consultation and had helped students from around the country in making an honorable career through Engineering, out of which many are earning in millions in and out of the country. There is option of admission through admission quota but many students still fail to secure a seat. What are they missing is proper guidance through the admission process. Direct admission through management quota in engineering colleges is possible, ask how from our executive .

Engineering Specialization or branches :-

  1. Electronics & Communication Engineering 
  2.  Electrical Engineering
  3.  Electrical & Electronics Engineering
  4.  Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering
  5.  Civil Engineering
  6.  Mechanical Engineering
  7.  Computer Science and Engineering
  8.  Information Technology
  9.  Automobile Engineering
  10.  Mining Engineering
  11.  Aeronautical Engineering
  12.  Aerospace Engineering
  13.  Architectural Engineering or Architecture
  14.  Printing Engineering
  15.  Agricultural Engineering
  16.  Petroleum Engineering
  17.  Food Technology
  18.  Textile Engineering
  19.  Chemical Engineering
  20.  Biotechnology
  21.  Biochemical Engineering
  22.  Industrial Engineering
  23.  Manufacturing Engineering
  24.  Material Engineering
  25.  Ocean and Marine Engineering

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