Architecture is a discipline which includes designing of a structural environment right from the macro level of how a building integrates with its surrounding landscape to the micro level of architectural or construction details. Architecture is also an art and technology whose area of activity is in designing any kind of structure system. These include a wide variety of buildings like office and apartment buildings, hospitals, churches, factories, houses and airport terminals. An architect can design complexes such as Halls, college campuses, industrial-IT parks etc. It is interdisciplinary in nature as it depends on principles of science, arts, mathematics etc. Basically an Architect provides professional guidance with regard to the execution of construction and building projects. But his role goes beyond this. He indulges in client meetings, budget decisions, engineering, preparation of the blueprint, final execution, studying the environmental impact of a project and undertaking tasks such as site selection and materials supervision.


Here is the list of degree course offered in Architecture

  1. Bachelor of Science in Architecture- Five Year
  2. Bachelor of Science in Architecture Studies
  3. Bachelor of Science in Architecture (BS)
  4. Master of Architecture- 3 years
  5. Master of Science in Architecture Studies
  6. Master of Science in Building Technology
  7. Master of Science in Art, Culture and Technology
  8. PhD in Design and Computation
  9. PhD in Building Technology
  10. PhD in the History and Theory of Art
  11. PhD in the History and Theory of Architecture
  12. Bachelor of Science in Planning
  13. Bachelor of Science/Master of City Planning
  14. Master in City Planning
  15. Master of Science in Urban Studies and Planning
  16. PhD in Urban Studies and Planning
  17. Master of Science
  18. Master of Science in Media Technology
  19. Master of Science in Media Arts and Sciences
  20. PhD in Media Arts and Sciences
  21. Master of Science in Real Estate Development

Candidates should have passed class 10 or an equivalent from a recognized state or central board with Science and Mathematics as subjects. Those candidates with a pass in 10+2 or an equivalent from a recognized board can also apply.


The course recognizes the multiplicity and changing roles open to Architects today. The students are exposed to various facets of other disciplines which would help strengthen their understanding and place towards the future opportunities in which they could branch out into. The students would be well qualified to pursue higher studies in Architecture Studies and planning across the world. The students can engage in Architectural practice individually or join renowned consulting, corporate and developer organizations.

Listed below are defined areas for placement and career.

---Architectural Practice

---Corporate Architectural Practice - DLF, L&T. etc.

---Builder Groups-Eros, Jaypee, 3c's, Ansal, Assotech etc.

---Government Organizations- Urban Local Bodies

---In-house Architects for Private organizations

---Pursuing Masters in Architecture & Planning


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